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In 'We the Youth: Keith Haring's New York Nightlife', the second book in his Art Decades series, Dave Haslam explores how the nightlife and music of rundown downtown areas of New York in the late 1970s and early 1980s were formative influences on the life and art of Keith Haring.

Haslam takes us on an adventure through the clubs and venues that filled Keith Haring's night out; spaces that offered thrills, opportunities, possibility, and a sense of community. We hear how graffiti artists and DJs became inspirations to him; we meet Madonna, the B-52s, Arthur Russell, Grace Jones, and Jean=Michel Basquiat; and then the mid-80s AIDS epidemic changes everything...

Art Decades is a highly original and wide-ranging series of mini books by writer, broadcaster and former Hacienda DJ, Dave Haslam.  From Courtney Love to Sylvia Plath, from homelessness to cultural regeneration, the first series explores a variety of subjects rooted in cities, in recent history and lived experience, and a love for music, literature, and art.

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