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Vincent de Swarte's Pharricide, first English translation by Nicholas Royle


‘A paean to solitude, imagination and longing, and a signal warning of their dangers’ Alice Thompson


Some dreams you struggle to remember. Vincent de Swarte’s first novel is an unforgettable nightmare of tender brutality and violent desire.

"Nicholas Royle’s translation is vivid and raw, and it’s wonderful that he’s brought this exquisite novel to an English-speaking audience."
Litro Magazine

"A compelling account of the descent into psychosis and depravity of “a man all alone”, first published in French in 1998 and now available in an elegant translation by the novelist Nicholas Royle. De Swarte, who died in 2006 aged forty-two, was an established children’s writer, but Pharricide is emphatically not for youngsters. It is exhilaratingly nasty."
Times Literary Supplement

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