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Awakened from the life she has been living far inland, a woman stands at a fjordside and remembers the open sea. She remembers the freedom of a distant childhood, and the chances she did not take. Water’s Edge is a richly evocative meditation on memory and the unlived life. From one woman’s quiet regret, it opens out on to a landscape of epic consequences.


The Water’s Edge project is a collaboration between composer Monty Adkins and writer Deborah Templeton. The two artists entered into a free-flowing creative conversation in which fragments of music inspired text, and fragments of text inspired music. As each artist followed themes and images in the other’s work, story and sound co-emerged. The result is three artworks: a short story, a musical composition, and a radiophonic work which sets an abridged version of the story within the music. The radiophonic work is available as a free download to purchasers of Water's Edge.

Water's Edge by Deborah Templeton

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