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Interpolated Stories is a collection of eight stories by David Rose, two of which are published for the first time. It also features eight images created by the artist Leah Leaf in response to the stories. The book is the first of a series of collaborations between writers and artists that Confingo will publish over the next two years.

These texts were born out of a sense of frustration with the author's own short stories, along with much other current short fiction, and a need to open up the formal possibilities of the short story; an acknowledgement that the world is too various, reality too multistranded, to be restricted to a single perspective or narrative plane. The resulting texts – using a variety of discursive voices to interrupt and sometimes disrupt previously written stories – are therefore partly provocative, partly ludic, but offer possibilities to be further explored, in opening up the short story form, adding further dimensions, and breaking the narrative fourth wall.


Pre-order for £6.50 + P&P (Usual price £9 + P&P)


Interpolated Stories by David Rose, with images by Leah Leaf

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